skarabrae: (5evah)
Skara Brae ([personal profile] skarabrae) wrote in [community profile] sherlocknanowrimo2012-11-06 08:11 pm


If it is ok for me to post here...

One of the things my friend and I have been doing to overcome our inner neurotic editors --who feel abused and neglected and insist that everything we've written must be just awful without their constant input -- is post snippets of a few lines or a scene that we really like.

Something that, even if 80% of the final product goes through the editing wood-chipper, we are still pretty proud of. I think it is a pretty motivating stepping-stone, every 1500/2500 words or so.

So if you've got something, anything, post it here! Let's cheerlead each other on.

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