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Skara Brae ([personal profile] skarabrae) wrote in [community profile] sherlocknanowrimo 2012-11-08 11:09 pm (UTC)

Re: here's mine...

I'm starting with Sherlock and John attending (ostensibly for a case) a Spiritualist meeting of the sort Sir Arthur would have attended, himself, but with a philosophical twist-- instead of emphasizing the claims that the living can contact the dead, this speaker is claiming that all realities exist at the same time with perception separating them. So, living, dead, fictional, non-fictional-- only perception keeps them distinct categories (ie. we percieve a story as a story in a book, and that is what keeps it that way; "suspension of disbelief" is, in fact, nearer to the true nature of things).

This is basically a big metaphysical excuse for me to instigate a seance; John and Sherlock lose a grip on each other an the bulk of the story will proceed through a series of AUs (everything from an anime-esque mecha universe, to a Marble Hornets pastiche, to historical settings and vampires and dystopias... I have a list). POV alternates between Sherlock and John. They are always trying to find one another, but their reasons and what thwarts them will change depending on the AU.

Their physical proximity signals how close they are to repairing whatever "tear" in reality may or may not have occurred.

It is a very, very silly story >>;

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