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for when you feel like your productivity level rivals the shark above

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The font is so huuuuge. Now I can dreamwidth from 10 ft away! *\o/*
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That song is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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This is awesome. I feel like crap for not having a project to work on yet, because I can't choose between fanfic project or actual book project. Yatta!
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A second shot at a cannibal & mass murderer bromance and a Sherlock pirate AU, I think. I don't know. I have lots of Sherlock things planned.
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so which one did you choose? (:
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well, my productivity level is on that shark's ALL THE TIME. so.
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i brought two links that could be useful:
- (because nothing is better than the sound of rain)
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Writeordie! <3

I also suggest written, kitten, or 750words. Both are excellent for productivity. :)
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oh really? (which ones? :D)
it is lovely, isn't it? though it's raining for real outside atm. :D
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Write or Die is my favorite. Not on kamikaze mode, though. Rainymood looks lovely. Thanks!
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i haven't tried kamikaze mode yet. i didn't dare. :D (i mean i'd probably just freak out if it started deleting what i wrote, not very productive. xD)
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[identity profile] 2012-11-04 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
I greatly appreciate this community for existing.

I should very much be writing right now.
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Just wrote a cameo of Conan Doyle in this scene, and now my brain has been hijacked by another fic idea. Struggling to resist the impulse to write a paranormal adventure story in which Doyle traverses dimensions of time and space trying to kill Sherlock Holmes.
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I would read the hell out of that, haha.
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me too!