mockerybird: (sherlock:john&sherlock)
this wolf is on the hunt tonight ([personal profile] mockerybird) wrote in [community profile] sherlocknanowrimo 2012-11-05 09:04 am (UTC)

oh, it's totally okay. :)

~2500 words bad. :D it's just... i'm writing in my native language, but i've been reading a lot in english nowadays, so the 'languages' part of my brain is all messed up, and sometimes it takes ages to remember particular words i'd like to use. :D or you know just to put together a sentence. xD (so it's a rather unique problem i'm having i guess. and now i'm rambling at you i'm sorry. ^^) (also, in general, hungarian words are way longer than english ones, it's just not fair. xD) so my progress is very, very slow. :/

how bad is your bad? :)

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