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word counts

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sigh. Yeah, this. Really bad. I-might-have-to-pull-out bad. Ah well.
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don't give up yet! <3
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Aw thanks, sorry didn't mean to threadjack on you. How bad is your bad?
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oh, it's totally okay. :)

~2500 words bad. :D it's just... i'm writing in my native language, but i've been reading a lot in english nowadays, so the 'languages' part of my brain is all messed up, and sometimes it takes ages to remember particular words i'd like to use. :D or you know just to put together a sentence. xD (so it's a rather unique problem i'm having i guess. and now i'm rambling at you i'm sorry. ^^) (also, in general, hungarian words are way longer than english ones, it's just not fair. xD) so my progress is very, very slow. :/

how bad is your bad? :)
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Ramble away! I'm doing the same thing over at wrisomifu and it's very cathartic.

(Hmm and my first instinct was to cry "2500 words, that's excellent!", but I know that 2500 words can mean half a story or a story that's taking forever to get started, or a million possible other things that you might not want.)

I know exactly what you mean -- I took Chinese and Japanese one year at uni and it completely did my head in when it came to trying to think in one of those at high pressure moments. It's like your brain tries to be extra helpful and just unloads every possible version of the word you're looking for. Sometimes it helped if I spoke it out loud but there's only so many situations where that's socially acceptable.

Keep going! Any words are good words! Write, write write! Dec is for editing.

And err.. my bad is pretty bad. I haven't actually started my main Nano project, though I'm writing for an exchange that sort of came under the Nano effort umbrella. Don't ask. Apparently I think I have a deep untapped well of endless wordsies (I don't. I have like ten).

*waves cheerleader pompoms at you* Onwards!